Traditional powerhouses to face off at Tennis Championship finals again this year

The A Division boys from Raffles Institution and Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) have again booked their places in the finals of the National Inter-School Tennis Championship 2012.

The defending champions RI will face tough competition from the ACS(I) boys next week.  As the long running first runner-up ACS (I) has proven itself worthy opponents and strong contenders for the championship, having almost snatched away the title last year.

“We lost to a really close final last year. It was 3-2 and our captain lost the final deciding match against the RI captain. This year, we’ll put in our best efforts and train hard to win the title.” said ACS(I)’s captain Kristopher Tan.

“Facing ACS this year again, is going to be another epic final and we’re really excited about it. They’re very respectable players having made it so far throughout the whole tournament and they’ve been playing very well.” said Rayner Loi captain of the RI team.

Despite having acknowledged their opponent’s strength, the RI team is all set to continue their legacy as the defending champions. “We’ll be training very hard throughout the week and we’re definitely looking to defend our double gold.” Rayner added.

The top 4 teams competing in the semifinals this year remained the same, with RI and ACS(I) displaying their dominance over St Andrew’s JC and Anglo-Chinese JC as both teams thrashed the latter with a final verdict of 5-0.

It was a smooth and quick victory for the RI boys as they conquered all 10 sets with a straight win. The second singles proved RI’s superiority as the defending champions when Euan Raj from RI thrashed Udit from SAJC with a straight 6-0 for both sets.

Meanwhile between ACJC and ACS(I), took 3 matches and stamped their authority into the finals before the remaining 2 matches were called off due to the bad weather. However, ACS (I) maintained their dominance and managed to nail the rest of the sets the next day.

The victory is seen as a motivational boost for the ACS(I) boys as they prepare themselves for the final face off next week. “The line up wasn’t really what we wanted, but it was a very good win. We’re hoping that this will give us confidence for the finals.” Kristopher Tan said.

With the exciting finals coming up between the two powerhouses, SAJC and ACJC on the other hand will be vying for the 3rd and 4th placing again this year.

Written by: Teo Ee Kie